Museum - Code OF Conduct

The Museum can be visited by adults and children of all ages; young children (below the age of 11) must be adequately supervised by an adult.

All visitors will have to go through a hygiene station before entering the Museum premises.

Staff members as well as visitors will be required to wear a mask in the Museum. Visitors must bring their own masks.

A tour group of maximum 8 people will be operated at a time.

We encourage visitors to respect physical distancing measures both inside the building and in the Museum grounds. We have added signage/sign boards to remind visitors to keep a friendly distance of two metres (6 feet) - from non-family members at all times.

We also request all visitors to observe the following protocols.
> Cough or sneeze into a handkerchief or your elbow, rather than into your hand.
> Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.
> Avoid any unnecessary touching of surfaces at the Museum.

We have significantly increased the frequency and extent of cleaning at the Museum. All surfaces - such as door handles, countertops, elevator buttons and handrails are disinfected frequently throughout the day, and washroom cleaning has high priority

The time required for visiting the museum ranges from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the visitor’s inclination.

The Museum is closed on Mondays.

Please handle the expensive technological interfaces, like touch screens and gesture-sensitive devices, with the utmost care

The audio guides (earphones) must be used properly and returned to the exit counter at the end of the tour. The audio guides and headsets are carefully cleaned with a disinfectant after being used by a visitor.

The Museum is monitored by CCTV cameras. Courteous civil conduct is expected. Please refrain from talking loudly or whistling

Stealing or pilfering Museum property or assets will be heavily penalized.

The entire Gandhi Teerth and adjoining area is a green zone. Please do not litter or dispose of any waste on the premises and surroundings of the GRF

Priority will be given to visitors with advance bookings; therefore, it is advisable to make a phone or online booking in advance to ensure entry.

Disabled and sick persons, as well as senior citizens, will receive preferential entry. Advance information regarding the visit of very aged and disabled persons will be appreciated.

A first-aid kit is available with the GRF personnel.

Access to the library is restricted and governed by a separate set of rules.