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Gandhi Vichar Sanskar Pariksha (GVSP)

  • Value Learning by Knowing Gandhi
  • Impact
  • Participant-friendly method
  • Strength
  • On-Field Collaborators
  • Process
  • Plan
  • GVSP is a reflective learning experience aimed at offering the young generation, foundational values of human heritage and enabling them with harmony between body, mind and soul, and among all lives.

  • Based on value-rich reading material containing moral stories and historic anecdotes from the life and work of Gandhiji.

  • This interactive course is designed by an Academic Council constituted of eminent Gandhian thinkers and practitioners.

  • Students of Middle & High Schools and Colleges (up to PG); Rural and Small Town Students are encourged for enrollment.

  • Special focus on Jail inmates.

  • ‘Open for all’ programme.

  • Participants are invited to write and reflect on what they understood and learnt from Gandhiji’s teachings through GVSP reading materials.

  • Students who attend GVSP are awarded with a certificate of participation and those who showed greater understanding are given an award.

  • Conspicuous change in the behavior of students after undergoing GVSP, are reported by parents and teachers.

  • Greater understanding and appreciation between teachers and students widely reported.

  • Institutions are finding GVSP an effective tool to express and spread the values they are committed to.

  • More students showing interest in reading Gandhian Literature.

  • Emergence of ‘Gandhi Centre’ in an increasing number of Institutions.

  • A transforming experience offered to Jail inmates, thus preparing them for mainstream life.

  • Those who appeared for GVSP, most often enroll for the next level.

  • Increasing demand for post-exam interactive session as well as ‘Mohan to Mahatma’ mobile exhibitions at schools / colleges to address the queries of students.

  • GVSP offers multiple language option: English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

  • Both on-line and conventional reading cum writing option is available.

  • Multi level GVSP for the aspirants to learn further and further.

  • GVSP and related programs conducted at their respective campus.

  • Conducted all over India as well as in Japan & France.

  • GVSP corresponds with over 50,000 organizations across India and a substantial number overseas.

  • A well spread collaborative network of 10,000 Educational Institutions.

  • Effectively equipped dedicated infrastructure.

  • Programme executed by a committed team.

  • Annually updated course content and material.

  • Specially designed Management Information System.

  • Ten consecutive years of conducting GVSP.

  • Ever increasing response from students; - started with 3876 students from one district of Maharashtra in 2007, has now touched the lives of 10 lakh students from across India and few overseas countries.

  • Govt. of Maharashtra which issued a circular promoting GVSP.

  • MOU and Collaboration with 25 leading Educational Institutions collectively having 6000 schools, such as:
    1. Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara
    2. Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj, Nasik.
    3. Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Mandir, Nasik.
    4. Swami Vevekanand Shikshan Sanstha, Kolapur.
    5. Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Aurangabad.
    6. Sayadri Shikshan Sanstha, Savarde, Chiplun
    7. Sarswati Bhuvan Shikshan Prasark Sanstha,Aurangabad.
    8. Bharti Vidyapith, Pune.
    9. Agriculture Development Trust, Baramati.
    10. Mahatma Phule Shikshnik & Samajik Mandal,Chaligaon.
    11. Shri Shivaji Shikshan Santha, Amravati.
    12. Shirpur Education Society, Shirpur.
    13. Shri Shivaji Shikshan Santha, Barshi.
    14. Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Indore And others.

  • Communication by post and courier to the institutions across the country and On-line communication through web and social media.

  • Getting individuals enrolled through the Institutions that respond.

  • Distributing reading materials and question paper.

  • A reflective learning cum writing exercise.

  • Evaluating and certifying the participants, honoring better performers.

  • Organizing district level follow-up workshops and discussion forums.

  • Refresher courses for the GVSP school/college coordinators for quality enhancement.

  • Collecting feedback; documenting the experiences and learnings.

  • Raising financial resources for printing reading materials, question papers, circulars and certificates, preparing Trophies and Awards, to mete out Postal charges, honorarium to coordinators, follow up programme, administrative expenses, etc.

  • Offering GVSP to larger number of students all over India.

  • Making it free and accessible to all students.

  • On-line portal for follow up interaction and Q & A sessions.

  • Donor sponsored scholarship for meritorious students.

  • A Board of Studies comprising of senior Gandhian scholars and academicians for periodical course and content updation and framing of question paper.

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