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Gandhi Research Foundation
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Research Facilities

It is heartening to note that in India and in many parts of the world, enthusiasts, special interest people and dedicated Gandhian scholars are pursuing pioneering work. Their subjects and theses are rich and diverse – from Gandhiji as a political leader, to Gandhiji as a spiritual practitioner whose ultimate destination was salvation.

GRF aspires to provide a wide range of research material and a broad spectrum of services to facilitate cutting-edge multifaceted research. The vision is to provide umbrella services of international standards that would meet the needs of researchers of all categories and of all levels.


•  The Foundation provides following services :

  •  Residential facilities (optional)

  •  Access to over 7,000 books on Gandhiji in the Foundation’s library

  •  Access to publications on Gandhiji prepared by GRF

  •  Access to the entire Gandhian archive as per details in archive section

  •  Access to over 7,000 captioned photographs, some of them rare, spanning the entire life and activities of Gandhiji

  •  Access to over 150 audio files of Gandhiji

  •  Access to over 70 films in English, Hindi, Marathi and Korean

  •  Access to the resources of the institutions with whom GRF has alliances

  •  Research exchange programmes with Gandhian and other institutions

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