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This is an additional effort to strengthen the appeal and impression created by Gandhi Museum. The exhibition’s reach spans over various phases of Gandhiji’s personal and public life, his ideas and perspectives, his associates and activities, his thoughts and perspectives, and his spiritual and religious perspectives. The approach to the array of subjects is thematic. For each subject, a narrative is developed with Gandhiji remaining at the core of the concept. The text and visual elements then expand the nucleus in concentric circles, until a full story is told. Thus, each thematic panel is both an individual or ‘standalone’ story in itself, as well as an integral episode of the full story too.

The initiative has been exclusively and entirely conceptualised by Dr. Bhavarlal Jain. In spite of his extremely engaging calendar, Dr. Jain somehow finds time and energy to nurture this exhibition in such a way that it facilitates immediate rapport between the visitor and omnipresent Gandhiji. This is the main reason why Dr. Jain has personally and intensely involved himself with this effort. He knows fully well the critical nature of this exhibition and its potential to transform a ‘visit’ into an ‘experience’. He is keen to exploit this potential and convert this experience into alignment between Gandhiji’s thought and that of the onlooker. If this alignment can be achieved, he believes, half the battle will be won.

Dr. Bhavarlal Jain is relentless in pursuit of excellence for this effort, as indeed he is in all his activities. It is a norm rather than an exception for him to sit with his associates and ponder, plan, develop and dictate the content deep into the night.

A unique feature of this exhibition is that the entire content is developed in first person, as if Gandhiji is in dialogue with the onlooker in person. The obvious aim is to bring the visitor face-to-face with Gandhiji, without any human or technological interface/intermediary.

With time, this exhibition is bound to become a vital and much talked-about feature of the Foundation.

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