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Khoj Gandhiji ki-The Museum

“Khoj Gandhiji Ki” is a unique multi-media museum depicting the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi in 30 dynamic segments. The visualisation of Gandhi's experiences not only provides the visitor with insights into his immense contribution, but also acts as a tool for the concerned individual in view of tackling contemporary global problems. The ultimate aim of the museum is to bring about a transformation in the individual's thinking by imbibing Gandhi's message

We sincerely hope that the museum succeeds in touching the heart of the visitor and in reaching out, in particular, to the youth to inspire one and all to “be the change that they want to see in the world”.

Research and Studies

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Intent on becoming one of India's largest research-intensive Gandhian Institutes, the GRF is committed to excellence in research, based on the highest national and international standards, and is concerned with integrating applied research in teaching curricula. The GRF will function as a dynamic centre of Gandhian research and allied activities, to be initiated in stages within the next 3-5 years, in the following multi-dimensional way, by establishing:

A Residential Research Fellowship Program

A Student Internship Program

A Biennial International Conference

An Annual National Workshop

A Founder's Day Annual Lecture

GRF Research Journal & Publication Series (in English)

Inspired by Truth and nonviolence based life propounded by Gandhi, the Foundation has designed a number of applied training courses in the fields of peace, nonviolence, organic living and sustainable development. Notable among the courses offered are a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction; an Annual Winter School on Gandhian Nonviolence; a Short-term Internship on Sustainable Development, as well as periodically organized soft-skill training workshops on Conflict Transformation, Peace Building, Stress Management and Gandhian Leadership.

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Library and Archives

The Library, as an excellent resource base, can be used by academic scholars doing research projects on Gandhiji’s or on historical topics related to the Indian Freedom Movement (including biographies of individual freedom fighters). The collection is interdisciplinary dealing not only with history, but also politics, economics, sociology, philosophy, religion and culture. Books are available in various languages, especially regarding translations of Gandhiji’s principle writings. The reading room offers a comfortable, congenial, clean and quiet environment as well as technical facilities for quality study and research.

Realizing the paramount importance of archiving as a crucial component of research, the GRF has created special facilities within the building. An air-conditioned vault of 2000 sq. ft. houses fire, climate and pilfer-proof safes to preserve the archival material. The facility has strict humidity control norms. State-of-the-art reproduction and digitisation technology has also been installed.

Gandhi Vichar Sanskar Pariksha

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The GRF also conducts a country-wide examination called GVSP (Gandhian Values for Sustainable Peace - Gandhi Vichar Sanskar Pariksha) to inculcate among the young generation the art of nonviolence in daily life.

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“The village of my dreams will contain intelligent human beings. They will not live in dirt and darkness as animals. Men and women will be free and able to hold their own against anyone in the world.” (Letter from Mahatma Gandhi to Jawaharlal Nehru, October 5, 1945)

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At the GRF, our in-house magazine "Khoj Gandhiji ki" used to be a quarterly journal. But from January 2020, it is appearing every month. The first issue was published in May 2011. The magazine carries an editorial, seminal writings of Mahatma Gandhi, essays by Dr. Bhavarlal Jain (the GRF Founder), and a detailed report about activities of the GRF.

Equipped with its own publishing wing, the GRF has already published literature (in Hindi and Marathi) relating to Gandhi and Gandhian topics which have been well received by an Indian readership.